Thursday, October 20, 2011


so I found out tonight that if i just trusted my bf i would not be in this shit that i am in right now!!!!! cuz OK here goes me and my guy are on a break or broken up with now cuz of me, i f**k things up, if i wasn't such a bitch, and if i trusted him, why the hell am i like this i hat this!!!!!! i love him so much i would do anything for  him, and now that i know that he really cares about me i wish i was with him right now!!!!! i need to get me back to how i was when we met, i hate who i have become, i hate me so much, i hate this self Pitt bull shit that i have become, so from here on out I'm going back to the old me, and i will get him back, hes the right guy for me and i will have him back, i never meant to be a bitch or pressure him in any why, i feel hella bad right now and i just want to fix me so much right now.......... i wish i had a time thingy right now and just go back and not let my surrounding change me in any way shape or foam, i hate me right now and i feel hella bad and s**t, so I'm gonna change myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! starting right now no more being a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

so today in my sociology class I Saw the first 20mins of a movie and its looks cool but it is so bad in a way. I found out that for my paper for this class is gonna be on a movie I don't know what movie yet but its gonna be good, i cant wait to do its gonna be so good and i hope i get a good grade  in the class i really like this class and I'm starting more on my pit bull documentary, and i have some people to be in it now some people from Sammy's friends and river dogs grooming place and i cant wait to start filming i have been waiting  for this for so long, I hope it turns out really good and I get to be in a film fest with it  and i hope that soon my bf will see that i have changed and that I'm going back to the real me again, the way i was in Sacramento, the one he fell in love with, not the girl i have become this shitty person  right now...... i have a lot on my plate right now, i have school and trying to do this movie and all the stuff i have to do at home, that reminds me i have to type up my paper for English class tomorrow damn i so forgot about that i better get on it now, so i guess thats all for now till tomorrow night so love ya all 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

how im doing today

so today i was sad because i miss my boyfriend, the love of my life. the reason why we are not together right now, is because of me. I lost who I was when I had to move back to  my moms house from Sacramento, I had a job up here but as of right now I have no job, but I am going to school, to make me a better person... I just want him back right now so what I have been doing is working my butt off right now so i can get my car back, so I can get a job, and I am working on my documentary about pit bulls right now  too, and here is some of what is going to be in my documentary its called MISUNDERSTOOD

making my dreams come true

so here is a list of my dreams that i want to come true soon.

  1. i want to change peoples minds about pit bulls 
  2. i want to make  it so that people with pit bulls can find housing 
  3. i wanna learn how to be myself again 
  4. i want to write my own movies 
  5. i want my own house 
  6. i want a really nice car 

so there is my list of thing i want to come true, im sure there is more but that is coming soon
and here is a video of my pit bull bowser