Thursday, October 20, 2011


so I found out tonight that if i just trusted my bf i would not be in this shit that i am in right now!!!!! cuz OK here goes me and my guy are on a break or broken up with now cuz of me, i f**k things up, if i wasn't such a bitch, and if i trusted him, why the hell am i like this i hat this!!!!!! i love him so much i would do anything for  him, and now that i know that he really cares about me i wish i was with him right now!!!!! i need to get me back to how i was when we met, i hate who i have become, i hate me so much, i hate this self Pitt bull shit that i have become, so from here on out I'm going back to the old me, and i will get him back, hes the right guy for me and i will have him back, i never meant to be a bitch or pressure him in any why, i feel hella bad right now and i just want to fix me so much right now.......... i wish i had a time thingy right now and just go back and not let my surrounding change me in any way shape or foam, i hate me right now and i feel hella bad and s**t, so I'm gonna change myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! starting right now no more being a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!