Wednesday, June 6, 2012


well life is hateting me right now i have no money, my dog bowser leg is mess up and i have no way of getting help for him because i have no money and now will hier me and i can be with my bf right now and it makes me sad and there is nothing i can do about it because i dont have money and no way of making any right now because i cant get a job and it sucks i need a job and i need to be with my boyfriend and help my dog, i dont get how people in hollywood can make money but i cant how is that far, how is life far for me its not!!!!! it not far that i bust my ass working most of my life and i have nothing to show for it.... when people in hollywood do nothing and make millions lifes just F**ked  in so many ways can i just make money and be happy with my boyfriend and out of this hell hole i call home, is that so much to ask for